Neon Glow Blacklight Body Paint #1 Premium Set (6 pack of 2 oz. bottles) Glows Brighter, UV Reactive- Safe and Non-Toxic… Price: $27.95 (as of 27/07/2021 13:13 PST- Details)

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This Neon Glow in the dark body paint is a must-have for your next outing, whether you’re going clubbing, to a party, or concert!

When viewed in normal light, Neon Glow body paint looks like normal paint. But when you turn out the lights and flip on the blacklight, this body paint takes on an incredible eye catching glowing effect!

Neon Glow body paint is durable and long lasting and perfect for creating lots of stunning neon designs and cool blacklight effects, including:

– spatter effects
– tribal patterns
– floral patterns
– painted-on clothing
– faux glow-in-the-dark tattoos
– animal print designs
– and lots more!

Neon Glow fluorescent paint is safe for use on your body and your face, although it’s not recommended for use on the skin around your eyes.

This neon paint can even be applied to other surfaces, such as clothing, paper and wood. It’s water soluble and doesn’t stain, so you can get super creative with these UV glow paints.

This fluorescent blacklight body paint is perfect for the night club, EDM music festivals, concerts, raves, blacklight parties, Halloween celebrations and beyond.

Please note that this neon body paint requires continual exposure to a blacklight in order to glow.

Get your six pack of Neon Glow in the Dark Body Paint today and create some incredible blacklight designs!

Neon Glow is not intended for use on the skin near the eyes or mouth, as it is not intended as a cosmetic. It is a non-permanent, non-toxic, water-based paint that is semi-washable and will come off skin and hair with soap and water unlike an acrylic or permanent paint. We strongly recommended that you do a small test pattern on the desired area to check results before mass usage. If allergic to preservatives (such as those found in shampoo) or acrylic type substances you should not use this product without proper consent.