Cuvget Enzyme Foaming Cleanser, 6.76 Fl Oz

$60.00 (as of May 9, 2019, 4:43 pm)

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Čuvget foaming cleanser contains a non-invasive enzyme exfoliator, which safely removes dead cells leaving the skin beneath intact. A three-in-one gel cleanses and exfoliates without disrupting the pH balance, and actively hydrates your skin. Safe to use as often as you wish without the risk of inflammations or side-effects often related to exfoliation. The results are clean and vibrant skin with a smooth surface. “The sensation of a fresh skin equal to the clean arctic waters inspired me to develop a product that would redefine the Cleanser category. We utilized ingredients that serve a multi-functional purpose; cleanse, exfoliate and still maintain a natural pH balance.”  – Geir Håvard Kvalheim, Founder